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Cultural Tour

 Nepal is rich in culture, language and geography even though it’s small. Over 123 languages and 125 ethnic groups have been recorded. Every group has their own language, culture and diverse climates. There is harmony in diversity, which is unique to Nepal. Since culture is the ornament of human existence, people are very careful to preserve it. Newar, Tamang, Tharu, Gurung, Thakali and Sherpsin Nepal. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, Nagarkot, Panauti, Bandipur,Ghandruk, Sirubsri  and Chitwan are famous cultural villages in Nepal. We offer some some very interesting cultural tours focused on beautiful environments


The group Chepang is one of the most rear nomadic ethnic groups out of 125 in Nepal who love jungle life and keep continue the tradition. This tour brings to Cheping culture with beautiful landscape and Chitwan national Park with another nomadic Tharu Culture and wonderful wild life activities.


This trek too opens from Syprubesi. It goes north of Syprubesi through Hugh habitants of Tamang people whereas one can learn their traditional culture, life style values and they are strongly love to preserve their culture. So far there is not outer influence at all. Equally there is rich variety of flora, fauna, Mountains views, hot spring & Historical Fort.


The Kathmandu Valley is the capital city of Nepal which is dominated by Culture, Art and architecture. Newari is one of the richest ethnic groups in culture, they strongly love their culture and have concept to preserve it. There is History art, architecture has been recorded Sine 2000 years.