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The kingdom of Nepal is 147,181 km square and reaches about 850 km square from east to west and 230 km square north to south. The country is sandwiched between India and China. It’s elevation goes from sea level at 6o meters to Mt. Everest at 8850 meters. Such a variation in elevation have given birth to a wide range of climates within our borders such as tropical, subtropical, temperate and alpine. It’s formed the wonderful steamy jungle, the spectacular landscape, terraced valleys, snow-crowned peaks, frozen lakes and high-altitude desert. Tiger and rhinos roam in the dense jungle where tropical flowers bloom. There’s an explosion of color that is true most places in Nepal.

Nepal is the meeting point between Mongoloid and Caucosasoid people of Asia where a variety of ethnic groups have appeared. This group is rich in their own culture, tradition, language, customs and belief. There is harmony, despite the various faiths and beliefs, among Hindus, Buddhist, Muslims and Christians. Nepal is unique in this regard.

Overall, the geography is divided into three regions such as the Himal, Phad and Terai mountain region


The kingdom of Nepal has been covered with 147181 Km square & spread about 850mk square length east to west and 230 km Square North to South. The shape of the country looks like sandwich between India & China whereas from sea level 6o m to 8850m Mt. Everest, The highest piece of the planet has contained with it.


The country of the Thunder Dragon is in the heart of great the Himalayas, which is named traditionally, Druk Yul, by its people. The kingdom is 70 percent covered with green forest and has a population of 6o,oooo people. Therefore, it’s an environmentalist and trekker’s dream land. It is regarded as a last Shangri-La because of its remarkable climate and Eco-system. The Bhutanese are fiercely determined to preserve their living culture.