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Jungle Safari Tour

The Jungle Safari Tour takes you to the heart of the jungle to learn about wild life in their native habitat.  It includes walking, animal riding or motor riding and many pictures worthy moments. We travel while remaining aware of the wild life preservation rules and regulations. 

Chitwan National Park is one of the most popular places for the Jungle Safari Tour and wild life activities in Nepal. It is located 150km south from Kathmandu. The park was declared a National Park in 1973 in order to preserve the wild life. It covers 932km square and attracts millions of tourists a year.  The park offers many activities such as a jeep safari, an elephant safari, hiking in the deep jungle, canoeing, bird watching, visiting crocodile centre, a Tharu village tour by ox cart. The park also offers other cultural activities. We’ll organize the Chitwan tour which is a beautiful experience.

Chitwan National Park Tour

The Chit wan National Park is situated 160 km south west of Kathmandu.  It was established National Park in 1973, covering an area over In the beginning to half of 19th century, it was best hunting spot for aristocratic people and when malaria was eradicated in Chit wan, many land hungry people came from hill and capture land replaced wild life.

Bardia National Park tour

Bardia National Park is located in the far western part of Nepal. 968 sq-km lands are covered with the park and about 70% of the land is dominated by Sal trees with mixture of open grass land. The Guruwa River follows through the gap of Chure hill at Chisapani with national Park which is the home of rare Genetic Dolphin, one horn Rhinoceros,